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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, we hope you’ll find the answer below.
If not, please email us at info@mysteriesintime.com and we will do our very best to help.



Please ensure that your web browser’s cookies are enabled in order to subscribe on the check-out page.

I have previously cancelled my subscription. Can I restart without receiving Ancient Egypt again?

Yes, please email us at  info@mysteriesintime.com.

I have previously purchased a gift order that expired. Can I restart without receiving Ancient Egypt again?

Yes, please email us at  info@mysteriesintime.com

My child received this as a gift from someone else, which has now expired. Can I continue this from where we left off?

Yes, please email us at  info@mysteriesintime.com

About Mysteries in Time

What is Mysteries in Time?

Mysteries in Time is a monthly educational subscription for children, designed to bring history to life for 6-11 year olds.

How do I know if it will be suitable for my child?

While aimed at 6-11 year olds, this is more of a guidance than a limit.

Younger children may still find it accessible, depending on their reading ability and how much adult support they get. Older children may still love it too!

How much help will my child need?

Most children aged 6-11 will happily enjoy the fun activities in Mysteries in Time independently, but they are wonderful activities to share and enjoy together!  We do recommend adult supervision when they get started with the craft/activity if you chose the Upgrade option.

NB: not suitable for children under 3, due to small parts.

Is it educational?

Yes! While each adventure is packed full of educational goodness, it has been designed by a primary school teacher to disguise the learning into a fun package so your child won’t even realise they’re learning!

Does it follow the curriculum?

Mysteries in Time can be used to support or complement the curriculum, but it does not exclusively follow it. We believe in a broad educational experience and are happy to be free from the constraints of the curriculum; we will choose our historical topics based on how interesting we think they are to explore and learn about.

Are the adventures sent in a set order?

Yes! We send our adventures in a fun order, moving between ancient, middle and modern history. If you prefer to explore the adventures in your own order, we can send multiple adventures at once. Please choose the option during the checkout process to have them shipped all at once.


Can I buy a gift without it renewing?

All subscriptions are auto-renewing. However, you can simply log straight in to your account after placing the order. From the subscriptions page, you can manage your subscription and either pause or cancel.


How much does it cost per adventure?

The Classic Pack costs (including FREE shipping worldwide):

  • £10.95 / €14.95 / $20.95 / CA$27.95 / AU$29.95 per month on a monthly plan
  • £10.45 / €14.45 / $20.45 / CA$26.95 / AU$28.95 per month on a 3-month pre-pay plan*
  • £9.95 / €13.95 /$19.95 / CA$25.95 / AU$27.95 per month on a 6-month pre-pay plan*
  • £8.95 / €12.95 / $18.95 / CA$24.95 / AU$26.95 per month on a 12-month pre-pay plan*

Upgrade cost per child (including FREE shipping worldwide):

  • £6.95 / €7.95 / $8.95 / CA$11.95 / AU$12.5 per month on any plan

*Pre-pay plans are non-refundable

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is included in all subscriptions and to all destinations worldwide.

Purchasing from outside the UK?

We ship worldwide. You can pay in UK£ | Euro | US$ | CA$ | AU$.

When will payment be collected?

Payment for your plan is taken when you first sign up, with the first adventure being shipped within 5 working days.

All subscription renewals after that will be taken automatically on the 3rd of the month, with that adventure being shipped 23rd of the same month.

If you select “This is a gift” at check-out, you can choose how many shipments you want to pay for.

How can I pay?

You can pay using all major debit and credit cards.

Can I choose which historical theme I get?

Not at the moment. The first month, which is set in Ancient Egypt, sets the scene and includes the world map with timeline. Therefore, this is always the theme you will receive first. Subsequent months will be a range of ancient, middle and modern history (for example Ancient Egypt, the Elizabethans and World War Two).  You can see the order they come in here: Order of Themes

Shipping & Delivery

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. You can pay in UK£ | Euro | US$ | CA$ | AU$.

When will I get my first box?

New orders are shipped within 5 working days of placing your order.

Renewals happen 3rd of the following month, with that adventure being shipped 23rd of that same month.
How long will shipping take?

We send all packages on or around the 23rd of the month.

We use Royal Mail 48 hour service for UK addresses, so most customers should receive their package within 2 working days.

For customers outside the UK we use Royal Mail International Standard. Within Europe most customers should receive their package within 3-5 working days and in the rest of the world within 5-7 working days.

Can I receive multiple adventures at the same time?

Absolutely! If you would like to receive all the packages in one go please choose the option during the checkout process.

I haven't received my package. What should I do?

First, please log in to your account and check that the shipping address is correct.   Then, for UK customers, please allow at least 5 working days after receiving the despatch email.   For EU customers, please allow at least 10 working days and for the rest of the world please allow 15 working days.

Cancelling & changes to my account

Can I pause my subscription?

You can skip your next renewal by logging in to your account.

How can I cancel?

To cancel, log in to your account.

I cancelled my subscription, but want to restart - will I get the same boxes gain?

If you start a new subscription, you will start from Ancient Egypt again.

If you don’t want to start from Ancient Egypt again, log in to your account, then under ‘Your subscriptions’ click ‘edit’. Then choose ‘reactivate’. This way you will pick up where you left off.

How do I change my address details?

Please log in to your account.

How do I change my payment details?

Please log in to your account.


How can I get in contact?

We hope we’ve answered your questions. If not, please email us at info@mysteriesintime.com