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KS2 History for Kids


Mysteries in Time is an excellent homeschooling resource that brings different eras in history to life for children aged 6 to 11 years. It is designed to introduce a new period in history to inquisitive kids, which will make home educating easy and fun. Through a winning combination of a story, a hands-on activity, puzzles, facts and fun, your home-educated child will be inspired to love history without realising they are learning! You can easily add this to your homeschooling curriculum and see your child’s eyes light up in anticipation with each new time machine!

Our adventures are not only an excellent history resource; they lend themselves to a wide-reaching homeschooling program. Inside the first box, you will receive a large, detailed world map, which will build up geographical awareness and a knowledge of countries, continents and oceans. Also included is a timeline, ranging from ancient history to the present day. Add the timeline sticker each month to encourage chronological awareness of how different eras connect to each other. This will be an invaluable home education resource to create a working wall around.

Find out where our adventures will take you – World History Stops.

Home Education Program

Each box lends itself easily to teaching an extended home education curriculum in history, with cross-curricular links to geography, literacy and art. It is fun and exciting, while being informative and educational. Designed by our team of passionate educational experts, it is an excellent home education resource across the curriculum that you will enjoy alongside your child. There is a magazine with short but informative and interesting information, as well as an illustrated chapter book that introduces the historical aspects of each era.

Also included in the Bumper Box is the chance to get creative! You will receive a hands-on activity each month, linked to that month’s topic. Whether it’s making a stunning clay Ancient Egyptian amulet or a working circuit to practise Morse code when learning about World War 2, your young historian will cement their learning as well as practising interesting skills.