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World History for Kids

Why is world history important?

World history for kids is one of the most important subjects to explore. Learning about the culture of other people throughout world history brings a connection to the world around. History for kids can help us understand where we come from, where our community came from and why it exists today. World history for kids helps us appreciate our past accomplishments as well as learning from the mistakes of the past.


What is world history?

World history is everything that has shaped our world today. Think of world history for kids as a story that has many different parts, each part being its own chapter. From the pyramids in Ancient Egypt to the Colosseum in Ancient Rome, from Viking ships carrying Norsemen to Elizabethan galleons carrying explorers, there are so many fascinating times and places to discover. Whatever your interest might be – whether it’s pirates or presidents – there’s something in world history for everyone!


World history facts

The most fascinating stories and facts can be found in world history. Did you know that the word ‘chocolate’ comes from the Aztec language of Nahuatl? Did you know that the Elizabethan explorer Sir Frances Drake was considered a pirate by the Spanish? Did you know that rationing in the UK continued after World War 2 until 1954?

Look below for more fascinating facts about world history for kids.

World map and history timeline for kids

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt History for Kids

Ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced civilisations in the ancient world. It was established in the Nile River Valley and lasted for more than 3000 years. The empire had many lasting accomplishments, such as building pyramids and developing writing systems.

From the pyramids to mummification and beyond, ancient Egypt is a fascinating time period. It’s filled with extreme wealth and powerful rulers who ruled like gods. But it was also a time of great ingenuity, with many inventions that we still use today!

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Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan Era History for Kids: Elizabeth 1, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

The Elizabethan era is a time in English history that begins with the birth of Queen Elizabeth I. The Elizabethan era lasted approximately fifty years, from 1558 to 1603.

Also known as the Golden Age of Drama, this period saw many great playwrights like Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare write plays that are still studied around the world today. The Elizabethan era was also a time of great exploration, as improved ship-building techniques allowed explorers to voyage further across the globe.

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Evacuees in World War 2

Evacuees In World War 2 for History for Kids Spitfire Plane

In World War II, people who lived in British cities were under threat of being bombed by enemy planes. While many people left their homes to live with relatives out of town, many people didn’t have this option. Instead, children were evacuated from London and other cities to keep them safe from air raids.

Evacuated children were sent to live with strangers in the countryside, often living away from their families for as long as 6 years. Some children went as far away as Canada or Australia. Over three million schoolchildren were evacuated from London between September 1940 and May 1941.

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece History for Kids Athletes

Ancient Greece is a time period that has fascinated people for thousands of years, and one that has visible influences in the modern world. A lot of words in the English language have roots in Ancient Greek. We see examples of Ancient Greek architecture in grand buildings around the world.

Ancient Greece had some celebrated philosophers and is also credited with being the birthplace of democracy. It also saw the emergence of the Olympic Games as a competition, as well as the popularity of theatre as a form of entertainment. Greek myths are famous around the globe, from Medusa to the Minotaur. Such a fascinating era with so much to learn!

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Wild West

Wild West History for Kids Scene

The Wild West was a time period in American history when settlers began moving westward to start new lives. It was a time of cowboys, goldrushes and outlaws. There were many famous Wild West figures like Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and many others who made their mark on history during this period of time.

Towns started to emerge as people travelled west in search of a new life. Initially, people travelled by wagon, but once the trans-continental railroad opened, travel was much easier and quicker.

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Aztecs History For Kids Civilisation

The Aztecs lived in what is now Mexico and the civilisation was most powerful between 1325 and 1521. The Aztecs ruled about 5 million people at its height. The capital city Tenochtitlan was an impressive feat of engineering, with canals running through the city.The

Aztecs were great warriors, and they also believed that they must keep their gods happy by carrying out sacrifices in their pyramid-shaped temples. The Aztec Empire also had many positive aspects. The Aztecs developed a calendar that was very accurate and helped people know when to plant their crops related to the weather or seasons.

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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome For Kids Roman People

Ancient Rome was an ancient civilisation that grew from a small town on central Italy’s Tiber River into a vast empire that at its peak encompassed most of continental Europe, Britain, parts of northern Africa and the Mediterranean islands.

The influence of Ancient Rome can be seen in many aspects of modern-day life. We use Roman numerals on clocks and for numbering our kings and queens; European languages have roots in Latin; many examples of Roman engineering still stand, from the impressive Colosseum in Rome, to structures such as aqueducts and walls across Europe.

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Victorian History for kids: People in victorian scene

The Victorian era was a time of change, both in terms of the economy and in terms of social conventions. The Industrial Revolution helped to transform the way that people lived and worked, leading to an explosion in the urban population. This period also saw new technologies and inventions, such as trains, electricity and telephones.

This was a time when many things were changing. The class system was still very rigid, women had little say in society and families had no social welfare support. However, during Queen Victoria’s reign, there were important social reforms underway, particularly involving the right of all children to go to school.

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Vikings History for Kids Longships

The Vikings were a fascinating group of people who lived in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They were mostly farmers who raised animals and traded for a living.However, the Vikings also raided other countries for treasure.

They were known for their fierce warriors and strong fighting spirit – traits that helped them conquer many different lands. The Viking longship flat-bottomed design enabled them to sail through shallow rivers, as well as sailing across open seas.

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Ancient China

Ancient China for Kids Map

Ancient Chinese history spans thousands of years. In this time there were many different kingdoms and dynasties which have left their mark on China’s culture today.

Some fascinating aspects of Ancient China include the emergence of the Silk Road as a trading route between China and Europe, the impressive Great Wall of China and the unique life-sized statues of the Terracotta Army.

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Space for Kids Space Shuttle

Space history is the study of space travel from its beginnings to present day. It covers everything from ancient civilisations that studied the skies, to early manned spaceflight, to the modern age of satellites, space stations and beyond!

Space exploration is rapidly advancing. We are taking strides in our understanding of the universe, and we are learning more about our place in it every day. It’s exciting to think about what might be next for us as explorers!

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Stuarts for Kids: Great Fire of London

The Stuarts were a royal family in Britain. They ruled from 1603 to 1714. The Stuarts era covers the time of the English Civil War, the Gunpowder Plot, the Great Fire of London and much more!

There were great advancements in scientific understanding and the Royal Observatory was built in Greenwich in London. The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth to the New World, carrying the Pilgrims, as we know them today, in search of a new life.

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