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Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids Chinese Dragon

Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

Here are ten fun craft ideas for kids to celebrate Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year is an important traditional festival in China, which can be brought to life with these Chinese New Year crafts for kids. Chinese New Year is a 15-day festival celebrated by millions of people around the world, where families get together to celebrate with fireworks, decorations, food and many interesting traditions. In 2023, which is the year of the Rabbit, it falls on Sunday 22nd January.

1.  Paper Lanterns

Chinese New Year Crafts Kid Lantern MakingHave the kids decorate their own paper lanterns using red and gold sugar paper, paint or markers. They can also add their own designs, such as the Chinese characters for “good luck” or “happiness”. Once the lanterns are decorated, you can help them assemble them by attaching a string or ribbon to the top.




2.  Dragon Mask

Using colourful craft materials such as feathers, pipe cleaners and sugar paper, help the kids make their own dragon masks. They can be as simple or as elaborate as the kids want. Once they are finished, they can wear them during a dragon dance performance.

3.  Chinese Zodiac Animals

Kids can make their own Chinese zodiac animals using clay or papier mâché. They can be painted in the traditional colours of their corresponding animal. For example, the rat is usually red, the ox is usually blue, and the tiger is usually orange.

4.  Chinese New Year Cards

Have kids make their own Chinese New Year cards using red and gold card, stickers and Chinese characters. They can give them to family and friends as a way to wish them good luck and happiness in the new year.

5.  Red Envelopes

Using thin red card or sugar paper, kids can make their own red envelopes to give as gifts. They can decorate them with gold paint or glitter and add their own designs such as the Chinese characters for “good luck” or “happiness”.

6.  Chinese Fans

Using colourful card and glue, kids can make their own Chinese-style fans. Before folding the paper, they can decorate them with pictures of Chinese characters, symbols or pictures related to the festival such as dragons, lions, or lanterns.

7.  Chinese New Year Garland

Have kids make a garland of paper lanterns, red envelopes or other Chinese New Year symbols. They can use string or ribbon to connect them and hang them up as a festive decoration.

8.  Chinese New Year Mobiles

Kids can make their own mobiles using Chinese New Year symbols such as dragons, lions or lanterns. They can make them out of paper, cardboard or other craft materials and hang them from the ceiling or in a window.

9.  Chinese New Year Cookies

Kids can make traditional Chinese New Year cookies such as “nian gao” (sticky rice cakes) or “tang yuan” (sweet glutinous rice balls). They can be decorated with different coloured syrups or powdered sugar.

10.  Chinese New Year Puppets

Using popsicle sticks, sugar paper, and other craft materials, kids can make their own Chinese New Year puppets. They can be in the shape of dragons, lions or other traditional Chinese New Year symbols. Once they are finished, they can use them to put on a puppet show or to re-enact the traditional lion and dragon dances.


These Chinese New Year crafts for kids are a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn about Chinese New Year crafts, customs and traditions, and also help them to be creative and have fun. Find out how these crafts for kids link back to the Chinese New Year customs in our Chinese New Year Facts for Kids blog.

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